WAR (Walk Away Roast)

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WAR (Walk Away Roast)
Use a crock pot to make a tasty, fall-apart roast (pork or beef) for dinner.
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It is morning, you are running late, no time for anything. Yank a roast out of the freezer.Take off the packaging. Holding it under the tap for a bit helps. Into the crockpot still frozen. Beef or Pork, pretty much any size.An inch or two of water, more for more broth.

Salt and pepper on top. Maybe some garlic on top also. Whatever other spices you want. Start with the basics, add more spices as you get more experiences with North Pasture Farms roasts.Cover and turn the crock pot on low. If you cook it on high, it will be overdone by the time you get home. Cooking on high works but you gotta just keep an eye on it and pull it out when it is done.Go to work.Get home about 7-9 hours later, more time for bigger roasts (up to 12 hours).When you get home, the house should smell tremendous.Your roast should be falling off the bone ready to eat.If you want, you can also put in some potatoes, carrots, onions or other veggies before you leave. They will be REALLY REALLY well done (mushy) by the time you get home. Most of the nutrients from the veggies will be the broth if you do it this way.If you are around, stick the veggies in at about 6 hours and let them cook until done.The roast will probably be done when the veggies are done.If the roast is ‘bouncy’ or chewy let it cook some more. Stick a fork in it. The fork should pull out pretty easily. If the roast is tough, it hasn’t cooked long enough.When the internal temp is about 203, the connective tissue should be gooey and the roast is done. Before that, the roast can seem pretty tough. The meat has to go through this cycle: From frozen to done rare (maybe pretty tender, depending on the cut of meat) through the stage where the muscle fibers tighten up from cooking (tough) and back to tender because the connective tissue is breaking down around 203 degrees internal temp. The fact you have it in liquid will keep the temp from getting above 212 degrees.Sous vide works so well because it gets the meat temp to 203 but doesn’t go beyond. If it is dry, you didn’t put in enough liquid. This has never happened to me so I don’t know if just adding water after it is already dry will work or not. I am pretty sure not. I always use a lot of water.Eat up whatever you want right away.Pull the rest of the roast out of the broth and it goes into the fridge. Make sandwiches, or eat chunks later.The broth also goes into the fridge. If there is a bunch of fat on top of the broth, it will harden and you can take it off and use it to fry your eggs in or otherwise cook with. This is some of the best fat on earth so please don't throw it away. It has a lot of really good Omega 3 fats in it.Put some frozen vegetables in the broth and heat it up and you have a great veggie soup.You can also just drink the broth hot, like a cup of tea. This is a great thing to do after a hard workout or when you are tired and want a pick-me-up. I am told the meat broth gets into the system VERY quickly.A roast will last one or two people a day or three, depending… Very simple recipe with a big return on flavor!

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