Terms of Service

For North Pasture Farms - https://northpasturefarms.com

Account creation on our website requires, at minimum, an email address, first and last name, and zip code ("personal information"). Zip codes are required to locate the nearest delivery/pick up locations for our products. Customers agree to use of their personal information by creating an account, including subscribing to marketing campaigns. We try our best to keep marketing to a minimum to honor your time, while still notifying you of our valuable services and products. An option to unsubscribe from marketing emails (marketing emails do not include emails notifying of upcoming delivery/pick up dates, or those pertaining to specific orders made by the customer such as invoices and delivery/pick up information) will be included at the bottom of each email. Customers also opt in to our newsletter upon creating an account. Newsletters are emailed bimonthly to notify customers of farm happenings and pertinent information regarding product availability.

Additional information, including phone number, home address, and billing address, is collected at checkout ("order information"). Order information is used to follow up with customers regarding specific orders, including, but not limited to, fulfillment and confirmation of orders, specifics of items within a order, questions regarding account information, orders not picked up at the confirmed location, date, and time and to text information regarding our arrivale at the pickup location on delivery day. Your contact information is used by our coordinator at the pickup location to contact you on delivery day if needed or to alert you to an upcoming delivery. No other use is made of your information and we do not sell or give to any party un-related to North Pasture Farms. If you choose you may request that we not use your information in these ways. If you decide to unsubscribe, your information is deleted if you have never ordered or removed from our coordinator's database. 

At checkout, customer are also required to enter a valid credit card. North Pasture Farms has access to the card brand, last four digits of the number, cardholder name, expiration date, and billing information; North Pasture Farms does not ever see or hold complete credit cards numbers. 

Individuals interested in starting a new delivery/pick up location are asked to complete a pickup proposal containing their name, address, email address, and phone number. Information submitted is used to determine viability of the proposal. Once accepted your name, email, phone and address are put on the page specific to your drop location on our website.