About Us

We are Steven and Caroline VanDerLoop. We lived in California and worked for a non-profit organization there until 2008. Steven grew up on the farm where we are now located and was gone for almost 30 years. It is nice to be back!


Stepping outside near dusk on almost any evening we can hear the coyotes howling and see a tremendous number of stars. It is often so quiet that we can hear the creek burbling 150 yards away and a truck going past on the highway a mile and a half away. This is a far cry from the city life we lived for so long. We remain in tune with nature and the land by growing many of our own fruits and vegetables and all of our own beef. The winters are long but the environment is very good for grass and trees and the animals that live in and around them.

We are firm believers in regenerative agriculture as a way to reduce global warming. With enough healthy land management, no till farming and pasture raising of food animals, it is possible to reverse the current trend in climate change. All without giving up hamburgers!

We pledge to deliver the highest quality product and the highest quality service possible. We welcome questions and inquiries, and visitors!

Great tasting and fresh – can’t beat the price and convenience. Locally raised and farmer supported.
Diane (Edina, MN)
I have to tell you that your ground beef is an absolute winner! Everything I make with the ground beef comes out better than with grocery store ground beef. I also made a pot roast with a chuck roast, fantastic! At the way we are eating our way through the freezer, we will need to order next time. Thanks for producing a superior product!
Diane (Minneapolis,MN)
North Pasture Farms BBB Business Review