How It Works

Ordering, delivery, and pickup logistics


Most ordering is handled through our website. Customers enter their zip code to find the nearest delivery location, usually a neighborhood coordinator's house or business. Customers then select products from our store by adding them to their cart. We highly encourage customers to add notes to their order prior to submitting it regarding specific cuts of meat wanted (for example, if you select a beef roast, add notes requesting which type: arm roast, chuck roast, etc.) and the requested size so we can match you with what you'd like. Please remember we are a small operation so we do run out of specific cuts from time to time based on their popularity.

If you see that something you want is unavailable email us to get onto the Pre-Order list. You can do this by going to the Contact page in this website

If we have questions about your order, you will be emailed.

Orders are not considered final, nor is payment charged to your card, until your specific cuts of meat are packaged for you. You will receive a final receipt via email containing order details.

Delivery and Pickup

Plan to pick up your order at the specified location (drop spot) at the delivery time. Barring bad weather or unusual road conditions, we are usually very prompt. If you arrive at the delivery location and don't see us, talk with the neighborhood coordinator. We may have already come and gone, and your neighborhood coordinator will have your meat. In some instance, neighborhood coordinator can hold your meat until you can pick it up at a later time but this is up to the coordinator's discretion.

More information on our policies and practices in our FAQs.

Great Beef and Bacon. Deliveries are always on time.
Ellen (Edina, MN)
Our bone-in pork roast was FABULOUS! Making soup with the bones today.
Ellen (Libertyville, IL)
North Pasture Farms BBB Business Review