Tender Delicious Grassfed Steak

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Tender Delicious Grassfed Steak
This sous vide recipie was submitted by Monica and Seth Earling of NE Minneapolis This is a way to make tender steak without cooking it to well done.
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 2-4


  • (Package of two) Beef Steak Chuck
  • (to taste) Garlic
  • (to taste) Rosemary
  • (pinch in bag. More added later) Salt


This recipie was done with cut-up Chuck Roast but can be done with any form of beef steak. 

Place the steaks in individual sealed sous vide bags (Ziplock and Glad bags that are microwave safe work just fine) 

Put the garlic, rosemary and a small bit of salt in the bags and seal. Too much salt at the start will cure the meat which you don't want.

Place in the water bath with the sous vide agitator set to 131 for 24 hours. This will keep the heat even throughout and tenderize without overcooking.

When done allow to cool a bit. (I'm guessing 5-10 mins) 

Add the rest of the salt and sear at high heat on a grill or in a metal frying pan (you don't want to overheat non-stick coating) 

Once it is nicely seared it can rest then be eaten!

"It was really good--super beefy and flavorful like chuck, with a firm but tender texture like a steak instead of turning into shredded beef.
I ordered some chuck steaks so we can do it again!"

Monica Erling


Sous Vide agitators come in a variety of prices. There are later-model InstaPots that have a sous vide setting also. I used Ziplock bags and a $55 sous vide agitator in a stock pot. So it doesn't have to be elaborate if you don't want. The main thing is the airtight seal and constant temperature bath- Caroline.

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