BBQ Chicken Backs

March 7, 2022 • 0 comments

BBQ Chicken Backs
There is more meat on Chicken backs than people might think. They can be grilled for barbeque as below
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Season chicken backs with Lawrys Season Salt and some garlic powder.

Set in refrigerator overnight.

Put on grill on tin foil to catch the BBQ sauce for approx 45 minutes. Depends on the heat on your grill. If you have a thermostat you want to cook the chicken until internal temp is 160°

You can also add BBQ sauce or any other seasonings. - Donny Urmanski, Weyerhaeuser, WI

[I would suggest painting the marinated meat with BBQ sauce and wrapping in tinfoil before placing on the grill so the meat cooks slowly. After 45mins open the foil, add more BBQ sauce and cook unwrapped for 15 mins or so to caramelize the sauce. This is based on my experience with grassfed chicken which is a bit chewier than grocery store chicken - Caroline VanDerLoop]

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