Want to be a North Pasture Farms Coordinator?

We are looking for Coordinators

We are looking for people to help us in our quest to provide healthy food that regenerates the earth and saves the climate.

  • ·          Are you a people person?
  • ·          Do you know or are willing know a lot of people?
  • ·          Are you willing to be active on Social Media?
  • ·          Are you fairly close to an urban center?
  • ·          Do you want you, your family and others around you to have access to good food?


A North Pasture Farms Coordinator helps us by coordinating the delivery of grassfed and pastured meats to people in their neighborhood area. A valuable coordinator is an outgoing, people person who can post on social media, talk to friends, neighbors and family about our products and steer them to the website where they will place their orders. We deliver every two months (or once per month if demand is high) on a Friday or Saturday. You will receive the meat orders and keep them cool until the people can come pick them up.


You are rewarded with meat. You receive 3.5 – 5% of the value of your drop in meat. We also have games where you can earn more based on how big your drops are.


You get to meet new people, eat tasty meat and help save the climate.


While there are no minimums on individual orders we do require a minimum total for your drop from $200 to $500 depending on your location. This is so we can afford to make the drop. We do allow a startup period while you get the hang of it. As long as you are increasing your orders we can keep delivering. We are always available for help and advice.


Full details of the job are found by clicking the button below.

Holy Cow!! That bacon IS literally THE BEST. Thank you for a wonderful product sir. Oh and the Paleo Beef Sticks are a huge hit with my boyfriend as well😊 I have some chicken thighs and ground beef thawing out, excited to try them. Thank you again, have a LOVELY day 😊
Angelique (Burnsville, MN)
Fabulous Quality, GrassFed beef – pastured chicken and pork. Non GMO. Farm fresh is best!
Cindy (Excelsior, MN)