Bacon Grill Burgers Single Box

Bacon infused burger patties, 20% bacon. 40 lbs per box.
$10.79/lb. Avg. 40lb .

Ground Beef 85% Lean Box

Box of 37 ground beef chubs. 85% lean.
$7.39/lb. Avg. 37lb .

Ground Beef 85% Lean Twenty Five Bundle

25 lbs of 85% Ground beef at the same time.
$7.99/lb. Avg. 25lb .

Ground Beef 90% Lean Box

Box of ground 90% Lean, 37 lbs.
$7.29/lb. Avg. 37lb .

Pork Breakfast Sausage 37 Box

This is a box of Pork Breakfast Sausage. 37 Chubs
$7.29/lb. Avg. 37lb .

Pork Italian Sausage 37 Box

Buy three boxes of any wholesale item to get a wholesale price
$7.29/lb. Avg. 37lb .

Refrigerator Magnet

Magnet with the North Pasture Farms Logo