#1 Prepay Discount (for rules, please see the full description)

#1 Prepay Discount (for rules, please see the full description)

Invest in good food and earn 10% on that investment
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This discount is to help YOU because you are helping US smooth out the booms and depressions of costs. 

Farms in this Northern latitude have a different method of operation than many Southern farms.

Spring and summer is the time of growing.  This includes farm animals as well as crops. 

Fall is the time of harvest.  Pork, chicken and beef are all harvested much more toward the end of summer and into Fall and early winter.  There is a small amount of harvest that goes on all year but the major time is the Fall and early Winter.

One of the main things that go along with this is a lot of expenses for us at North Pasture Farms in the Fall.  We pay for beef, pork and chicken animals. We pay for processing of those products to get them ready for sale.

We currently borrow most of those expenses from a bank and pay interest on that money.  You in turn pay for the interest as part of the money you pay for those products.

My idea is this:  How about we pay YOU that interest in the form of a discount on products?  The customer pre-pays for a set dollar amount of products (in increments of say $200.00) and later uses that pre-payment plus 10 percent for products.   Prepayments would be accepted in Spring, Summer and early Fall and used at any time of the year wanted.  You could also pre-order and hold off on delivery until you are ready to be assured of getting the products you want.

Your investment in good food can earn you 10% interest guaranteed!

Some notes: 

* Prepay needs to be done at least three weeks before delivery.  

* This offer will end January 15th. 

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