Steak and Grillers Sampler Bundle

Steak and Grillers Sampler Bundle

Steak and a few other items that are great for grilling
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This bundle is great when you want a sampler of steaks and other items that work well on the grill 

The bundle consists of: 
Porterhouse Steak: 2 lbs (1 pkg)  2 steaks. 
NY Strip Steak: 2 lbs (2 pkg) 4 Steaks. 
Chuck Steak: 1.5 lbs (1 pkg) 2 Steaks. 
Ground Beef Patties: 2 lbs (2 pkg) 3 patties per pound, so 6 patties total. 
Best Burger Patties: 2 lbs (2 pkg) 6 patties
Bacon Sugarless: 1 lb (1 pkg) 
Pork Brats: 2 lbs (2 pkg)  5 brats per pkg. 

Savings when getting the bundle is about 12.76 bucks. 

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