Pork Sampler Bundle

Pork Sampler Bundle

Sample the pork flavors from the North Pasture.
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The Pork Sampler Bundle is excellent for someone who likes pork and wants to get a good idea of what most of the pork items from the North Pasture are like.

The bundle consists of:

Pork Chops: 2 pkgs, about 3.5 lbs

Pork Shoulder roast: 1 pkg, about 2.5 lbs.

Ground Pork: 2 pkgs.

Regular Bacon: 2 pkgs

Jack Pine Bacon: 1 pkg

Breakfast Sausage: 2 pkg

Italian Sausage: 1 pkg

Pork Brats: 1 pkg

Garden Brats: 1 pkg

Italian Brats: 1 pkg.