Pork Roast Two Roast Bundle

Pork Roast Two Roast Bundle

Pork Roast Multiple Roasts
$5.29/lb. Avg. 5.5 lb.
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Pork Roast Multiple is two roasts at once.  There is a $0.70 discount per pound when you do that. 

There are several cuts of pork roast available:  Shoulder Roast, Loin Roast, Fresh Ham Roast, etc.   Shoulders are most popular for pulled pork but any pork roast can be used to make pulled pork.  My favorite pork roast is the fresh ham roast.  When roasted and sliced, the meat is GREAT for sandwiches. 

Most pork roasts are around 2.5 lbs but they can be as small as 2 lbs or as big as 6 lbs.  Some of the bigger roasts are shoulder roasts or loin roasts. 

Use the special instructions space when checking out to let us know which cuts you want or if you want a big roast or small roast.

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