Pork Half Bundle

Pork Half Bundle

A half pig is for those that like pork, have freezer space, and love a good deal. If this item shows as sold out, email me about getting it anyway. We might need to do some substitutions. .
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Pork halves are popular with families who love to eat well and also love a good deal. Pork is a good bit less expensive than beef.  

Our half pork bundle consists of: 

Pork Chops: 20 lbs (about 6 pkg)

Pork Steak: 7 lbs (about 4 pkg) 

Pork Roast Butt: 5 lbs

Pork Roast Shoulder: 5 lbs

Pork Roast Loin: 5 lbs

In the special instructions, let us know if you want some big roasts, or small. If we don't hear, we will mix it up size-wise. 

Ham: 3.5 lbs 1 pkg 

Ground Pork: 6 lbs 

Sugarless Bacon: 10 lbs

Jack Pine Savage Bacon: 3 lbs

Cottage Bacon: 3 lbs

Pork Spareribs: 3 lbs

Pork Brats: 6 lbs

Pork Sausage: 6 lbs

Pork Italian Sausage: 6 lbs

Pork Neck Bones: 3 lbs

Total weight of the above will be about 88 lbs. We will add pork sausage or ground pork if needed to make sure the weight is up to the 88 lbs. 

Discount when buying a half pig is about $58.88