Pork Chop Bundle

Pork Chop Bundle

This bundle leads with Pork Chops and goes from there. It is popular with those who like a lot of pork with some beef.
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This is a very popular bundle with those who like pork with a bit of beef.

The pork chop bundle consists of: 
Pork Chops: 3 lbs (2 pkg) 
Pork Steak: 3.5 lbs (2 pkg) 
Ground Beef: 3 lbs (3 pkg) 
Sugarless Regular Bacon: 1 lb (1 pkg) 
Pork Brats: 2 lbs (2 pkg)
Paleo Beef Sticks: 1 pkg 

Overall weight is around 13.5 lbs. 

Savings when purchasing these items by the bundle is about 10 bucks. 

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