Pet Food Twenty Five Bundle

Pet Food Twenty Five Bundle

Twenty five lbs of Ground Organ Meats will make your pet HAPPY!
$2.19/lb. Avg. 25 lb.
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Our pet food is made from Beef and/or Pork organ meats ground up and put into 1 pound chubs.  The organs are hearts, livers, tongues, kidneys, etc.  There is also some fat, less than 20%. 

People who buy this stuff and feed it to their dogs and cats either with their regular dry food, or alone report that their pet's coats get much more silky, their eyes get brighter, and the pet just overall does better.  Most people thaw out one pound at a time and then mix some with their pet's dry food.  I chop it up with an axe while it is still frozen and the dog and cats get to share it, cats in a separate space or they wouldn't get any...  They all think it is great and definitely do not mind chewing it up. 

Savings from buying pet food in bulk is $0.20 per pound. 

The Pet Food Bulk Bundle is 25 lbs of Pet Food. 



Ground organ meats from pork and/or beef. This includes: Heart, tongue, kidney, liver, sweetbreads, etc.

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