Ground Pork Ten Bundle

Ground Pork Ten Bundle

Ground Pork 10 lbs at a time.
$4.67/lb. Avg. 10lb .
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Ground pork is actually usually a bit less fatty than ground beef.  It works very well when mixed with ground beef, or when used by itself as pork burgers, in chili, in tacos, etc.  In short, you can use Ground Pork anywhere you can use Ground Beef.  And the price is about two thirds that of Ground Beef.  Many who want to make their own breakfast sausage buy ground pork and add their own seasoning.  Since Ground Pork comes in one pound chubs, making your own pork sausage is pretty simple to do. 

The Savings by getting the bundle as opposed to the regular rate is $0.40 per lb. 

The Ground Pork Bundle is 10 one-pound chubs of ground pork. 

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