Beef Mixed Share Bundle

Beef Mixed Share Bundle

Mixed Share Bundle, 16 lbs of the best beef items
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The mixed share was the first thing we started selling back in the day when we found that many people didn't have freezer space for a Quarter of Beef. It has been very popular ever since.  It provides a good mixture of some of the most popular beef cuts while remaining small enough so that it fits into most refrigerator freezers.

The mixed share as a bit more than 1/32nd of a whole beef and weighs about 16 lbs.

Mixed Shares consist of:

TBone Steak: 2 lbs, 1 pkg.

Tenderloin Steak: 1 lb, 1 or 2 pkg.

Chuck Steak: 2 lbs, 1 pkg.

Ground Beef: 6 lb, 6 pkg.

Stew Meat: 2 lb, 2 pkg.

Beef Arm Roast: 3 lb (1 pkg)

Total weight is around 16 lbs. We will add another package of ground beef until the overall weight is above 16 lbs.

The savings when you get a mixed share instead of each of the items separately is about $22.00