Beef Half Bundle

Beef Half Bundle

Getting a Half of Beef saves over 600 bucks versus getting individual cuts. Email Steve even if this says it is sold out. We might be able to do some substitutions.
Sold Out

At North Pasture Farms, a half of beef produces about 220 lbs of meat, inclusive of the extras. 210 lbs without the extras.

Savings by getting the half beef instead of each of the items making up a quarter is over 600 bucks. 

The breakdown will be this: 

Ground Beef: 100 lbs (100 pkg)

Beef Roast: 50 lbs. This will be a mix of Chuck Roast, Sirloin Tip Roast, Arm Roast, Rump Roast and Round Roast.

Beef Stew Meat: 16 lbs (16 pkg)

TBone Steak: 4 lbs (2 pkg) 

Porterhouse Steak: 4 lbs (2 pkg) 

Sirloin Steak: 8 lbs (4 pkg) 

Ribeye Steak: 6 lbs (6 pkg) 

NY Strip Steak: 1 lbs (1 or 2 pkg)

Chuck Steak: 6 lbs (3 pkg) 

Cube Steak: 6 lbs (6 pkg) 

Beef Short Ribs: 6 lbs (2 pkg) 

Beef Brisket: 6 lbs (2 pkg) 

A half of beef also contains 10-15 lbs of extras which will include things like marrow bones, joint bones for broth, Some liver, maybe a tongue.  

We will change the amount of ground beef to make the total of the quarter come out to 210 lbs, not including the 10 lbs of extras. 

You can use the special instructions space while checking out to say what you want in terms of extra items. You can also make some changes in the makeup of your quarter if you like. You can also email us and ask about changes you might want to make. We can do some things, not others. You won't be able to get a quarter that is made up of only steak for instance... You WILL be able to get more ground beef, less roast, two packages of brisket instead of one each of short ribs and brisket, etc. In short, there is some wiggle room that can be worked out with a conversation.