Beef Family Bundle

Beef Family Bundle

This family bundle is sold by the pound. Average weight is 39.5lb The list of items are below. You save an average of $90.17 with this bundle.
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Not enough room in your freezer for a quarter cow? Smaller family? This bundle is for you. This is slightly smaller than half a quarter of beef. There are basic steaks and roasts without the extra organs and bones.

Ground Beef 85% lean: 10 lbs

Ground Beef 90% lean: 10 lbs

Beef Roast Chuck: 3 lbs

Beef Roast Arm: 3 lbs

Beef Stew Meat: 1 lbs (1 pkg)

TBone/Porterhouse Steak: 2 lbs (1 pkg)

Sirloin Tip Steak: 3 lbs (1 pkg) 

Ribeye Steak: 3 lbs (2 pkg) 

NY Strip Steak: 2 lbs (2 pkg)

Beef Brats: 2 lbs