Beef Bacon Sugarless

Beef Bacon Sugarless

Chopped and formed Beef Bacon.
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If you don't eat pork but want some Bacon, this is your item!  Ground Beef is formed into a loaf, cured, smoked and then sliced into bacon. This bacon is very meaty and works well in any uses regular bacon is used. Fried with eggs in the morning, as flavoring in soups, salads and stews, in sandwiches, etc. The list of uses is endless. Beef bacon is a bit more meaty than pork bacon and thus may need some fat when cooking.

One pound packages.


Beef, Water, Sea salt, Celery juice powder (contains sea salt), Spices (proprietary blend of the butcher's), NO: Sugar, Nitrates or Nitrites (except what is found naturally in celery and sea salt), Dairy, Nuts, Gluten, Soy, MSG or GMO products