Bacon Regular Sugarless

Bacon Regular Sugarless

One pound packages of traditional bacon. Very popular!
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Sugarless Regular Bacon. Need we say more? This is by far our most popular bacon. It is a bit more meaty than bacon you would get in the regular grocery store mostly because our pigs are raised outside and get more exercise than traditional grocery store pigs. There is no sugar, no nitrates or nitrites in this bacon. It is brine cured and then smoked to perfection. Our second most popular item behind only ground beef.

One pound packages.


Pork belly, Water, Sea Salt, Celery Juice Powder (contains sea salt), Spices (proprietary blend of the butcher's), NO Sugar, Nitrates or Nitrites (except what is found naturally in celery and sea salt) Dairy, Nuts, Gluten, Soy, MSG or GMO products.