Bacon Grill Burgers

Bacon Grill Burgers

Ground beef with 27% bacon infused.
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Bacon Grill Burgers are great for grilling. With 20% bacon infused, the flavor is beyond compare. There are three patties per pound package so the burgers are bigger than normal size. They go right on the grill and are cooked exactly the same way as a regular burger patty. While cooking, the bacon flavor infuses with the ground beef so you have the bacon flavor throughout the burger. Wow!

One pound packages, 3 patties per package.


Beef, Uncured bacon (Pork, Water, Sea salt, Celery juice powder (contains sea salt), Spices (proprietary blend of the butcher's). NO: Sugar, Nitrates or Nitrites (except what is found naturally in celery and sea salt), Dairy, Nuts, Gluten, Soy, MSG or GMO products