Bacon Cottage Sugarless

Bacon Cottage Sugarless

Cottage Bacon is made from the Pork Butt, which is part of the Pork Shoulder.
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North Pasture Farms Sugarless Cottage bacon is made out of Pork Butt. The pork butt is one of the more tender cuts of pork. The meat is chopped, formed into a loaf, then cured and smoked. No sugar, nitrates or nitrites are ever used in our Cottage Bacon. One pound packages.


Pork Shoulder, Water, Sea salt, Celery juice powder (contains sea salt), Spices (proprietary blend of the butcher's), NO Sugar, Nitrates or Nitrites (except what is found naturally in celery and sea salt) Dairy, Nuts, Gluten, Soy, MSG or GMO products

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